• RoHS2 Certified

HYBRID TOYODROP HOSE (For dew condensation prevention)

HYBRID TOYODROP Hose is a pressure resistant hose for pressure feeding and dew condensation prevention made of soft PVC with a polyethylene foam insulation integrated into the outer coating..

Conventionally, it was difficult to coat insulation material after piping for dew condensation prevention. This product integrates the insulation material to help prevent condensation and simplify the piping work. It is also ideal for preventing floor contamination due to condensation, electrical leakage, and accidents involving workers.

In addition to hoses, various dedicated couplings are available for higher safety and productivity.

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  • Standards Chart by Size
  • Dedicated Insulation Fitting Cover
Use Coolant water supply and drain hoses
Fluid Water (Non-drinkable)
  • Anti Condensation
  • Break Proof
  • Flexible
  • No Waste Sorting Required
  • Pressure
Certifications RoHS2 Compliant
Method Primary Material: Vinyl
Materials: Polyester thread
Diameter: 9mm~25mm
Temperature Range: -5℃ ~60℃


  • Advantage 1

    • There is no need to cover with insulation, making the attachment process faster and easier.
    • Electric shock due to condensation and injuries caused by wet floors are prevented while eliminating the need to wipe away and clean condensation.
    • Marks are present along the insulation every meter, making cutting easy.

  • Advantage 2

    • The shape-retaining HYBRID TOYODROP HOSE has little pressure loss, reducing plant power costs.
    • Resistant to collapsing, fluids are not stopped during conveyance, preventing production problems.
    • More resistant to breaking and collapsing than braided hoses makes installation easy even in tight spaces.

  • Complies with various laws and regulations for safety and security

    • Safe and secure due to its compliance with RoHS2 regulations

  • Dedicated couplings provide improved productivity and safety

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Standards Chart by Size: Temperature Range -5℃ ~ 60℃

Product Code Inner dia. x Outer dia.
Use pressure
Use pressure
Thickness Standard weight
Standard length
Minimum bend radius
HTD-9 9×15×23 0~1.5 0~1.0 4 9 50 40
HTD-9G 9×15×23 0~1.5 0~1.0 4 9 50 40
HTD-12 12×18×26 0~1.2 0~0.8 4 10 50 50
HTD-12G 12×18×26 0~1.2 0~0.8 4 10 50 50
HTD-15 15×22×30 0~1.0 0~0.8 4 14 50 70
HTD-15G 15×22×30 0~1.0 0~0.8 4 14 50 70
HTD-19 19×26×36 0~1.0 0~0.6 5 16 40 90
HTD-19G 19×26×36 0~1.0 0~0.6 5 16 40 90
HTD-25 25×33×45 0~1.0 0~0.6 6 13 25 120
HTD-25G 25×33×45 0~1.0 0~0.6 6 13 25 120

Packaging: Film packing
Outer color: Ivory (HTD-9~25)
Outer color: Gray (HTD-9G~25G)
When using the HYBRID TOYODROP HOSE, an insulating cover or TD tape is needed on the terminal to prevent condensation.

Hose Size Hose Connection Cap NutCap NutCap NutCap NutCap NutCap NutCap NutCap NutHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHoseband
Coupling Specification Male ThreadMale ThreadMale ThreadMale ThreadMale ThreadFerruleFerruleCouplerCouplerCouplerCouplerCouplerCouplerCouplerAdapterAdapterAdapter
Primary Material Brass SUS SUS Brass Resin PPSU SUS SUS SUS Aluminum Alloy SUS PP Aluminum Alloy SUS PP Aluminum Alloy SUS PP 
Product no. TC3-B TCSB TC3-S TC3-PB TC3-PC TC3-F TC3-FG TC3-CS 633-C-AL 633-C-SST 633-C-PP 633-CL-AL 633-CL-SST 633-CL-PP 633-E-AL 633-E-SST 633-E-PP
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
Product Code
Inner dia.
Outer dia.
HTD-9 9 15 ------------
HTD-12 12 18 ------------
HTD-15 15 22 ----------
HTD-19 19 26 -
HTD-25 25 33

Insulating Couplings Cover Standards (Dedicated for HYBRID TOYODROP Hose):

1. Dew condensation prevention for safety and comfort.

    More effective in preventing dew condensation on the couplings with improved safety.

2. The attached adhesive tape makes the terminal treatment easier.

     Simply peel off and paste the transparent film.

3. Compact and space saving.

     A compact design to suit the coupling shape.

Appearance Part Number Applicable Hose Applicable Hose Couplings TOYOCONNECTOR Part Number Packing


Insulating Couplings Cover TDCTB-9 HTD-9 (G) TCSB 9-R3/8 TC3-PB 9-R3/8 TC3-B- 9-R3/8 10
TDCTB-12 HTD-12 (G) TCSB 12-R1/2 TC3-PB 12-R1/2 TC3-B-12-R1/2
TDCTB-15 HTD-15 (G) TCSB 15-R1/2 TC3-PB 15-R1/2 TC3-B-15-R1/2
TDCTB-19 HTD-19 (G) TCSB 19-R3/4 TC3-PB 19-R3/4 TC3-B-19-R3/4
TDCTB-25 HTD-25 (G) TCSB 25-R1 TC3-PB 25-R1 TC3-B-25-R1

*The insulation fitting cover is exclusively for the corresponding hoses and couplings listed above.

The performance is only guaranteed when used with the dedicated item. Using this item with other than those compatible may also cause physical damage.

Dedicated Tape Specifications:

Product Name Width × Length Material
TD Tape (Ivory) 30 mm × 20 m Soft PVC