Helps improve productivity
with hoses and couplings

TOYOX has developed not only hoses but also dedicated couplings for TOYOX Hoses to make hose piping more effective.
Try TOYOX hoses and couplings to help improve productivity

(1) Use hoses that are suitable for the usage conditions to improve productivity

First, reduce risk of troubles by selecting the optimal hose.

Conditions required for selecting the optimal hose

  • a. What is the fluid?
  • b. What is the pressure?
  • c. What is the temperature of the fluid?
  • d. Is it pressure feed or suction?
  • e. What is the size and length?
  • f. Other functions (length, transparency, flexibility, antistatic property, etc.)

 Hoses suitable for usage conditions

Increases productivity by selecting the optimal hose and reducing troubles.

Selecting a hose that satisfies the above conditions reduces troubles and improves productivity.

(2) Increase productivity by leak and disconnection prevention and reduced troubles

Eliminate the leaks first.

Leak and disconnection prevention thanks to structural differences


Leak and disconnection prevention

For hose clamp fastening of barb fittings

Leak and disconnection prevention

TOYOCONNECTOR improves productivity by leak and disconnection prevention.

(3) Improves productivity by standardization of work

For commonly used couplings and hose clamp fastening

  • · It’s difficult to insert the couplings into hoses, which takes labor and time.
  • · Torque management cannot be performed at the hose clamp stop position, resulting in individual differences.

Standardization of work


  • · Couplings can be easily inserted into hoses in a short time
  • · There are no individual differences in tightening torque thanks to metal touch

Standardization of work

TOYOCONNECTOR improves productivity by the standardization of work.

  • · Piping work does not require technicians (can be done in-house)
  • · Free of leaks and disconnection, and no need for maintenance
  • · Reduction in installation time

(4) Increases productivity by reducing maintenance

By selecting the optimal hoses and couplings, troubles and maintenance can be reduced to improve productivity.

Reduction of maintenance burdens

Increases productivity by selecting the optimal hose and coupling, reducing troubles.

In addition, feel free to contact us for requests and questions such as “I want more products like this.” “Are there any plans for improvement?” “Which hose should I choose?” “I want this kind of service.” “I want this information.” and anything else related to hose piping.