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Help that only a hose manufacturer can provide

TOYOX has grown from a hose manufacturer into a
specialized manufacturer of “hose piping safety sets” composed of hoses and couplings.


TOYOX has visited many worksites.
As a result, there are many cases where it is not possible to solve problems at the worksite using only hoses.
In order to solve such problems, we have developed and stocked not only hoses but also couplings that are optimal for each hose, and offer them as “hose piping safety sets” that help your worksite.

Proposals made for hoses and couplings

Proposals by application

Helps ensure food safety
with hoses and couplings

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· How the Toyox Coupling Structure Prevents Liquid Pooling for Sanitary Connections Nipple and Clamp
· How Toyox Couplings Prevent Leaks and Disconnections
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