• FDA DMF Registered Product
  • RoHS2 Certified

TOYOSILICONE HOSE (For heat resistant and food)

Made of silicone rubber and able to handle pressure feeds, pressure and heat, the TOYOSILICONE Hose has the excellent features of silicone such as heat resistance up to 150℃, and low leaching, insulation, and no odor. It can be used in equipment for the food and beverage industry, semiconductor industry, industrial furnace industry and more.

General silicone rubber hoses are made of soft materials, so there is a risk of hose disconnection or rupture near the coupling when using high-temperature fluids. The TOYOSILICONE Hose has a special structure that does not easily rupture, prevents hose disconnection, etc., and helps improve safety and productivity.

In addition to hoses, various dedicated couplings are available for higher safety and productivity.


TOYOX products have been developed and manufactured for general industrial applications.
For applications that require safety, confirm in advance.
Never use for implant or injection application or other applications where there is a possibility of the product partially remaining in the body.
Toyox makes no guarantee of the adaptability or safeness related to such applications.
Please read the Handling Precautions carefully before use.

(1) Under no circumstances should these hoses be used for nonpolar organic solvents (such as benzene, toluene and hexane), halogenated hydrocarbons (such as methylene chloride or trichloroethane), concentrated strong acids, strong bases, mineral oil or steam. Also, do not use for animal or vegetable oil at temperatures exceeding 70℃. For steam cleaning, apply for a short time with a saturated steam pressure of less than 0.(2) MPa at 130℃.

(2) Do not use for high temperature water at exceeding 100℃. Due to weakened reinforcement (thread), it can cause a hose puncture and secondary damage such as injury and burn.

  • Guidance
  • Use Example
  • Standards Chart by Size
Use For factory equipment (such as filling machines, cooling devices and heat-generating equipment)
Fluid Water (Non-drinkable)PowdersOils (Animal and Vegetables)Food (Including Fats)Drinkable WaterChemicalsAir
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Cold Resistant
  • Flexible
  • Heat Resistant
  • Low Elusion
  • Low Odor
  • No Waste Sorting Required
  • Oil Resistant (Animal and Vegetables)
  • Pressure
Certifications Food Compliancy no. 595
FDA Compliant
USP CLASS VI Compliant
RoHS2 Compliant
Method Primary Material: Silicon
Materials: Polyester thread
Diameter: 4.8mm~50mm
Temperature Range: -30℃ ~150℃
Steam(under 130℃ for a short time)
Oils (Animal and Vegetable)(under 70℃)


  • Advantage 1

    • It supports high-temperature fluids up to 150℃, and the inside of food grade hoses can be washed at high temperature (there are conditions regarding temperature and usage time)
    • Flexible even at -30℃ and can be used as piping hose for filling and transporting
    • Has good pressure-resistant performance due to its special thread cast-off prevention structure, can prevent trouble around couplings and promotes safety and security.

  • Advantage 2

    • Nontoxic, and also safe and secure for food / beverage use.
    • The materials do not leach and there is no odor, providing worry-free conveyance for foods, beverages and more.
    • Can be used safely as a food or beverage hose.
    • Highly transparent and provides security in fluid verification.

  • Complies with various laws and regulations for safety and security

    • Safe and secure due to its compliance with the Food Sanitation Act (Complying with Notice of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare No. 595, 2012) ,FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) registered product (FDA DMF Type II No.25486 Registration) and corrected RoHS2 regulations

    *This hose does not use phthalate plasticizers

  • Dedicated couplings provide improved productivity and safety

    • A structure that causes very little liquid accumulation. Various dedicated couplings reduce the work of disassembling and cleaning food hose piping
    • Various dedicated couplings are easy to install and prevent fluid leakage and hose disconnection for safety and reassurance
    • The end surface of the hose does not easily become dirty and enables hygienic end surface processing. (TOYOSEAL processing)

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Standards Chart by Size: Temperature Range -30℃ ~ 150℃

Product Code Inner dia. x Outer dia.
Use pressure
Standard weight
Standard length
Minimum bend radius
TSI-5 4.8×10.6 0~1.0 1.8 20 70
TSI-540 4.8×10.6 0~1.0 3.6 40 70
TSI-6 6.3×12.3 0~1.0 2.3 20 80
TSI-640 6.3×12.3 0~1.0 4.6 40 80
TSI-8 7.9×14.3 0~1.0 2.9 20 90
TSI-840 7.9×14.3 0~1.0 5.8 40 90
TSI-9 9.5×16.0 0~1.0 3.2 20 100
TSI-940 9.5×16.0 0~1.0 6.4 40 100
TSI-12 12.7×19.5 0~0.5 2.1 10 130
TSI-1220 12.7×19.5 0~0.5 4.2 20 130
TSI-1520 15.9×24.0 0~0.5 6.2 20 150
TSI-15 15.9×24.0 0~0.5 3.1 10 150
TSI-19 19.0×28.0 0~0.5 4.1 10 180
TSI-1920 19.0×28.0 0~0.5 8.2 20 180
TSI-25 25.4×35.5 0~0.5 5.9 10 220
TSI-2520 25.4×35.5 0~0.5 11.8 20 220
TSI-32 32.0×43.5 0~0.5 8.5 10 250
TSI-3220 32.0×43.5 0~0.5 17 20 250
TSI-38 38.1×50.5 0~0.5 10.5 10 310
TSI-3820 38.1×50.5 0~0.5 21 20 310
TSI-50 50.8×64.5 0~0.3 7.9 5 550
TSI-5010 50.8×64.5 0~0.3 15.8 10 550

Packaging: Boxed
Coloring: Milky green line added

Hose Size Hose Connection Cap NutCap NutCap NutClampCap NutFastenerFastenerFastenerFastenerFastenerFastenerAll ConnectorHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHoseband
Coupling Specification Male ThreadFerruleFerruleFerruleFerruleFerruleMailHexagon NutCouplerMale ThreadFemale ThreadFerruleCouplerCouplerCouplerCouplerCouplerCouplerAdapterAdapterAdapter
Primary Material SUS SUS SUS SUS SUS SUS SUS SUS SUS SUS SUS Silicon Aluminum Alloy SUS PP Aluminum Alloy SUS PP Aluminum Alloy SUS PP 
Product no. TC3-SS TC3-FSG TC3-FS TC6-FS TCFS HF HM HNT HC H01 H04 NLF 633-C-AL 633-C-SST 633-C-PP 633-CL-AL 633-CL-SST 633-CL-PP 633-E-AL 633-E-SST 633-E-PP
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
Product Code
Inner dia.
Outer dia.
TSI-5 4.8 10.6 ---------------------
TSI-6 6.3 12.3 ---------------------
TSI-8 7.9 14.3 ---------------------
TSI-9 9.5 16.0 ---------------
TSI-12 12.7 19.5 ---------------
TSI-15 15.9 24.0 -----------------
TSI-19 19.0 28.0 -----
TSI-25 25.4 35.5 --
TSI-32 32.0 43.5 ---------
TSI-38 38.1 50.5 ------
TSI-50 50.8 64.5 -------