Connection Related FAQ


QCan you help me select the size of a barb nipple coupling for a hose?

For Toyox hoses, Toyox dedicated couplings are the best. If a genuine Toyox coupling is not provided , use a barb nipple available for purchase on the market. When selecting a barb nipple, ensure that it is appropriate for the size of the hose. It should not be used if it there is any damage or rust on the surface, and round the edges as much as possible before use.

QCan the TOYOCONNECTOR be used for other companies’ hoses?

TOYOCONNECTOR Series is couplings dedicated for TOYOX Hoses. Connectability with other companies’ hoses is not guaranteed.

Refer to the detailed page of the corresponding TOYOCONNECTOR for compatible hoses.* Compatible hoses and sizes vary depending on the TOYOCONNECTOR part number.

QWhen using the Easy Connecting Joint with a HITRUN Hose, HR-6 and HR-8 have dedicated couplings, but what about HR-11 or HR-13?

Dedicated couplings are not available. Instead, use the following couplings. For the HITRUN Hose, use of common cap nut type couplings may cause the hose to come off or the inner piping to be cut. Be sure to use the Easy Connecting Joint that uses a hose band to tighten the barb nipple.
Example: Nitto Kohki 30SH/PH, 40SH/PH

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