Product Code: A ARROW HOSE

  • RoHS2 Certified


Made of soft vinyl chloride, the ARROW HOSE was developed to withstand pressure exclusively for pressure-fed air.

As it is flexible yet difficult to bend excessively, it can be used in narrow spaces and is suitable for piping fixed in factories and air piping in equipment.

  • Guidance
  • Standards Chart by Size
Use Hoses for factory air pipe lines
Fluid Air
  • Flexible
  • No Waste Sorting Required
  • Pressure
Certifications RoHS2 Compliant
Method Primary Material: Vinyl
Materials: Polyester thread
Diameter: 6.5mm~13mm
Temperature Range: -5℃ ~60℃


  • Advantage 1

    • Pliant and break-resistant, the ARROW Hose is excellent for tight spaces and solves air supply disruptions.
    • The ARROW Hose is flexible, making insertion into nipples and other fittings easy for improved work efficiency.

  • Advantage 2

    • Thick and bending-resistant characteristics are suitable for air piping in the plant facility.

  • Complies with various laws and regulations for safety and security

    • Safe and secure due to its compliance with RoHS2 regulations

Standards Chart by Size: Temperature Range -5℃ ~ 60℃

Product Code Inner dia. x Outer dia.
Use pressure
Standard weight
Standard length
Minimum bend radius
A-6 6.5×13 0~1.0 12 100 30
A-8 8×15 0~1.0 16 100 35
A-9 9.5×16.5 0~1.0 19 100 45
A-13 13×21.5 0~1.0 29 100 65

Packaging: Bobbin style
Coloring: Black