Product Code: P PAINT HOSE

  • RoHS2 Certified

PAINT Hose (For Paint and Solvent)

With an inner liner of nylon resin and a covering of urethane resin for a tough construction, the PAINT Hose is a hose dedicated for solvent use and is transparent and lightweight. It is perfect for conveying paints and solvents on coating lines and in construction sites.

  • Guidance
  • Standards Chart by Size
Use For feeding paints and solvents in factories and for construction
Fluid Solvents
  • Flexible
  • No Waste Sorting Required
  • Pressure
  • Transparent
Certifications RoHS2 Compliant
Method Primary Material: Nylon
Diameter: 7.5mm/9.5mm
Temperature Range: -5℃ ~50℃


  • Advantage

    • The specially designed PAINT Hose is long use, and perfect for conveying paint and solvent.
    • The transparent allows confirmation of the fluid inside.

  • Complies with various laws and regulations for safety and security

    • Compliant with the revised regulations of the RoHS 2.

Standards Chart by Size: Temperature Range -5℃ ~ 50℃

Product Code Inner dia. x Outer dia.
Use pressure
Standard weight
Standard length
Minimum bend radius
P-7 7.5×10.5 0~0.5 4.5(100m) 100 40
P-9 9.5×13 0~0.5 7(100m) 100 50

Packaging: 100 m roll: Bobbin style
Coloring: Yellow transparent

PAINT-TWIN Hose (For Paint and Solvent):

Hose features:

Easy-to-use PAINT-TWIN with air hose and pneumatic solvent hose combined
*Safe and secure due to its compliance with corrected RoHS2 regulations

· Precautions for use


Specifications: Working temperature range -5℃ ~ 50℃

Part Number ID X OD Working Pressure Standard Weight kg/reel Standard Length
mm MPa kg/reel m mm
PW-7 Air 6.5X10 0~1.5 10.5 (100m)  100X1 40
Paint 7.5X10.5 0~0.5

Packaging / Film packing

Coloring / Air: Red
Paint: Yellow transparent