Worksite Improvement Case Studies

The Food and Beverage Workplace

Fluid leakage in a high-temperature (80℃) vacuum environment.

On a line producing small lots of curry roux (sauce), a customer had a hose that had a vacuum, and they found roux leaking from a metal fitting during conveyance. The hose was able to handle temperatures up to 60℃, but the place with the leak was 80℃, so they began looking for a better hose. On top of that, their plant had instituted a policy to eliminate the use of PVC, so they needed to find a hose that met that requirement as well.

FERRULE hose assemblies were tested for TOYOSILICONE-S Hose because it can be vacuumed at high temperature and satisfies the condition of it being non-PVC. The coupling structure that prevents liquid accumulation was praised for having excellent cleanability.