Worksite Improvement Case Studies

The Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical Workplace

Eliminate contamination concerns when cleaning pipes and be free from the complexity of cleaning work!

TOYOFOODS S Hose 38φ, barb fittings, and hose clamp fastenings are used for the pressure feed and suction piping between the cosmetic raw material tank and the mixing pot.
However, residual liquid tends to remain on the inner surface of the hose when washing, making cleaning and proper sanitation difficult. There is also uncertainty as to when the adhered fluid may come loose and mix with the product.

TOYOFUSSO S Hoses with excellent water repelling properties that make it difficult for residual liquid to accumulate, and TOYOCONNECTOR TC6-F with less liquid accumulation were proposed and used for some of the piping.
As no liquid pools in the pipe, this option is sanitary, contamination anxiety can be solved, plus cleaning is easy with the time required reduced by 30%.