Hose chemical resistance table (reference material)

Notes for use of Chemical Resistance Data (Hoses)

  1. (1) This table is based on documents concerning the resistance of the materials used in hoses and couplings to various chemicals, and does not guarantee TOYOX products.
  2. (2) The data may differ according to the conditions such as usage methods, temperature, pressure, concentration and period, etc., so evaluate results as the user with the actual equipment and usage conditions.
  3. (3) Chemicals which are dangerous when permeating (active gases, etc.) should not be used in gaseous form. Be sure to confirm the precautions for each product or to consult TOYOX.
  4. (4) Unless otherwise mentioned, the concentration of the solution is that of the saturated solution and the temperature is the room temperature.

Note: The data is subject to change when the specification of the product is changed or new information becomes available.