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TOYOSILICONE-S2 HOSE (Food Grade Silicone Hose)

Applications For factory equipment (such as filling machines, cooling devices and heat-generating equipment)
Fluids Oils Chemicals Foods (including fats) Powder Air Steam(short time 130℃ or less) Water, Hot water
Material Silicone rubber Reinforcement material SUS316/Polyester threads
  • RoHS 2 compliant:
  • Meets Food Sanitation Act:
  • FDA registered:
  • Insulating:
  • Shape-retaining:
  • Low elution:
  • Low odor:
  • Chemical-resistance:
  • Oil-resistance:
  • Transparence:
  • Flexibility:
  • Heat-resistance:
  • Vacuum feed:
  • Pressure feed:

Temperature range -30°C-150°C
Specifications Standards chart by size Genuine couplings


① Under no circumstances should these hoses be used for nonpolar organic solvents (such as benzene, toluene and hexane), halogenated hydrocarbons (such as methylene chloride or trichloroethane), concentrated strong acids, strong bases, mineral oil or steam. Also, do not use for animal or vegetable oil at temperatures exceeding 70°C. For steam cleaning, apply for a short time with a saturated steam pressure of less than 0.2 MPa at 130°C.

② Do not use for high temperature water at exceeding 100°C. Due to weakened reinforcement (thread), it can cause a hose puncture and secondary damage such as injury and burn.

· Precautions for use
[Improved durability] A special two-layer weave construction with steel wire reinforcement for resistance to breaking and collapsing while remaining flexible with improved hose durability. (In-house TSIS comparison)
[Resistant to collapsing] The SUS 316 stainless steel reinforcing coil and special reinforced construction provide high form retention for use in pressure feeds and vacuum conveyance.
[Resistant to high heat] Capable of withstanding fluids at up to 150°C, the TOYOSILICONE Hose can be cleaned inside when used for food and can be used for floor cleaning (certain restrictions apply).
[Excellent for low-temperature feeds] Can be used as a flexible filling hose for food fluid conveyance even at sub-freezing temperatures.
[Compliant with laws and regulations] Fully compliant with the Food Sanitation Act (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Public Notice Nos. 595 of 2012 and 52 of 1951) and FDA standards for safe performance.
Can be used safely as a food hose.
FDA DMF Type Ⅱ ( No. 25486 )

Note: The TOYOSILICONE-S2 HOSE is compliant with the revised regulations of the RoHS 2.
[High insulation] A higher level of insulation than with vinyl chloride, appropriate for the semiconductor and electronics industries.
[Flavorless and odorless] Because of the low odor and low amount of leaching, there is little effect on fluids, making the TOYOSILICONE-S Hose safe for foods and beverages.
[Fluid verification] The transparent TOYOSILICONE-S Hose allows confirmation of the fluid inside.
[Coupling disassembly for fast cleaning] With a genuine Toyox coupling, the TOYOSILICONE-S Hose allows you to reduce disassembly and cleaning time.

Note: This hose does not use phthalate plasticizers.

Made of silicone rubber and able to handle pressure and vacuum feeds, pressure and heat, the TOYOSILICONE Hose has the excellent features of silicone such as heat resistance up to 150°C, and low leaching, insulation, and no odor. It can be used in equipment for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor industry, industrial furnace industry and more. Resistant against breaking and collapsing because of its SUS 316 stainless steel reinforcing coil, the TOYOSILICONE Hose is compatible with a wide range of genuine Toyox couplings and delivers high production efficiency.

Standards Chart by Size

Product no. Inner dia. × Outer dia. Use pressure Range of temperature Standard weight Standard length Minimum bend radius Reinforced construction Packaging Color
mm MPa Kg/Roll m mm
TSIS2-19 19.5×31.5 -0.1 to  0.7 -30  to  150 6.7 10 100 SUS coil and dual special weave BOX With milky green lines
TSIS2-25   25.4×39 10.0 10 160
TSIS2-32   32 ×47.5 14.1 10 200
TSIS2-38   38.1×55 18.4 10 250
TSIS2-50   50.8×69.5 -0.1 to  0.3 12.4 5 350

Note: -0.1 MPa is an approximate value. Please read the precautions as these hoses are not appropriate for all uses and conditions.

Genuine Couplings

  Hose size Fastening couplings
FERRULE HEXAGON HEAD THREAD MALE KAMLOK Taper male thread for pipes Parallel female thread for pipes
Hose part no. Inner dia. Outer dia. HF HNT-1 M-1 HC-1 H01 H04
TSIS2-19 19.5 31.5 OK     OK OK OK
TSIS2-25 25.4  39 OK OK OK OK OK OK
TSIS2-32 32.0 47.5 OK OK OK OK    
TSIS2-38 38.1 55 OK OK OK OK    
TSI2S-50 50.8 69.5 OK OK OK OK    

  Hose size KAMLOK
(with locking feature)
Aluminum SUS PP Aluminum SUS PP
633C AL 633C SST 633C PP 633CL AL 633CL SST 633CL PP
Hose part no. Inner dia. Outer dia. 633CAL 633CSST 633CPP 633CLAL 633CLSST 633CLPP
TSIS2-19 19.5 31.5 OK OK  OK  OK OK  
TSIS2-25 25.4 39 OK OK OK OK OK OK
TSIS2-32 32.0 47.5 OK OK   OK OK  
TSIS2-38 38.1 55 OK OK OK OK OK OK
TSIS2-50 50.8 69.5 OK OK OK OK OK OK

  Hose size KAMLOK 
Aluminum SUS PP
633E AL 633E SST 633E PP
Hose part no. Inner dia. Outer dia. 633EAL 633ESST 633EPP
TSIS2-19 19.5 31.5 OK OK  OK 
TSIS2-25 25.4 39 OK OK OK
TSIS2-32 32.0 47.5 OK OK  
TSIS2-38 38.1 55 OK OK OK
TSIS2-50 50.8 69.5 OK OK OK

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