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Applications Automobile Industry Manual Paint Hose
Fluids Air
Material Polyurethane resin Reinforcement material Polyester threads
  • RoHS 2 compliant:
  • Easy disposal:
  • Insulating:
  • Non-adhering:
  • Pressure feed:

Temperature range -20°C-60°C
Specifications Standards chart by size Genuine couplings
· Precautions for use
[Prevents electrical accidents] The hose contains ground wire, so by touching it to the ground, static electricity is released, thereby preventing trouble caused by electric discharge and enabling safe use.
[Soft and easy to handle] Made from polyurethane resin, it is soft and easy to handle.

Note: The TOYOAIR-E HOSE is compliant with the revised regulations of the RoHS 2.


Standards Chart by Size

Code Inch I.DxO.D. Working Pressure
Working Temp. Gross Weight Length Min. bending radius Packing style Color
mm MPa kg/roll m mm
TAEU-6 1/4 6.2x9.3 0 to 1.5 -20 to 60 5.3 100 45 Bobbin style Orange color
with white line
TAEU-8 3/8 8.5x12.0 0 to 1.5 7.0 100 60

Recommended Couplings

Manufactured by: Anest Iwata

  Code Thread
Wetted part
Applicable Hose   Code Thread
Wetted part
Applicable Hose
PJU-02F G1/4 Brass SPE-6, TAEU-6 PJU-023F G3/8 Brass SPE-6, TAEU-6
PJU-02FN G1/4 Stainless steel SPE-6 PJU-023FN G3/8 Stainless steel SPE-6
AJU-032F G1/4 Brass SPE-8, TAEU-8 AJU-03F G3/8 Brass SPE-8, TAEU-8
AJU-032FN G1/4 Stainless steel SPE-8 AJU-03FN G3/8 Stainless steel SPE-8

How to connect ground wire

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