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ARROW HOSE (Compressor Air Hose)

Applications Compressor air hoses for machine tool, construction equipment, packing machines
Fluids Air
Material Soft PVC Reinforcement material Polyester threads
  • RoHS 2 compliant:
  • Easy disposal:
  • Insulating:
  • Flexibility:
  • Pressure feed:

Temperature range -5°C-60°C
Specifications Standards chart by size
[Easy coupling insertion] The ARROW Hose is flexible, making insertion into nipples and other fittings easy for improved work efficiency.
[Solves air disruptions] Pliant and break-resistant, the ARROW Hose is excellent for tight spaces and solves air supply disruptions.
[Solves air leak worries] The clamp provides a high airtight closure to eliminate worries of air leaks.

Note: The ARROW HOSE is compliant with the revised regulations of the RoHS 2.

Lighter and more flexible than conventional rubber hoses, the ARROW Hose is made of soft PVC with pressure resistance for pressure feeds. The hose is thicker than the TOYORON and HIT Hoses for stronger resistance to breakage. Excellent for providing air in plants especially where space is tight.

Standards Chart by Size

Product no. Inner dia. × Outer dia. Use pressure Range of temperature Standard weight Standard length Minimum bend radius Packaging Color
mm MPa °C Kg/Roll m mm
A-6 6.5×13 0 to 1.0 -5 to 60 12 100 30 Bobbin style Black
A-8 8×15 16 100 35
A-9 9.5×16.5 19 100 45
A-13 13×21.5 29 100 65

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