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Hose Markings Indication

Marking example

The markings contain a great deal of useful information
Hose length indication The marking on the hose at a 1 meter interval indicates the length of the hose ‘used’ and ‘remaining’, and would give you the following advantages:
1. The length of hose remaining on the bobbin or film coils can be seen at a glance.
2. Hose could be easily cut at a 1 meter interval.
3. Inventory control is simple.

Useful Information(Marking)

1 TOYOX® Manufacturer Registered trademark
2 TOYORON® Name of product Registered trademark
3 工業用 Industrial hoses   is printed on food grade hoses
4 TR-25 Code
5 25x33 Hose internal diameter x external diameter (mm)

Useful Information(Marking)

6 WP 0.8MPa Working pressure
7 Made in Japan Country of manufacture
- All products made at the Toyox main plant are stamped with “Made in Japan.”
- Products made at the Toyox ASEAN plant are not stamped with “Made in Japan.”
Note: Regardless of whether they are made at the Toyox main plant or ASEAN plant, all hoses are made by Toyox with pride. All Toyox products are high quality and high performance and can be used safely.
8 World Wide Patents Patents

Useful Information(Marking)

9 025 stock Length of hose remaining (m) 9 25m + 25m = 50m
(Total length)
10 01222015 Lot number
11 Sold 025 Length of the hose used (m)
12   Mark Cut position
Cut the hose between the and marks.

Note: Use the lot number (10 in the graphic above) to find the certificate. Click here for more details!


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