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Applications For delivering foods, beverages, water and more
Fluids Edible oil Oils Chemicals Foods (including fats) Powder Water, Hot water
Material Soft PVC Reinforcement material Hard PVC・Polyester threads/Hard PVC
  • RoHS 2 compliant:
  • Easy disposal:
  • Meets Food Sanitation Act:
  • Insulating:
  • Shape-retaining:
  • Low elution:
  • Chemical-resistance:
  • Oil-resistance:
  • Transparence:
  • Flexibility:
  • Vacuum feed:
  • Pressure feed:

Temperature range -5°C-50°C
Specifications Standards chart by size Genuine couplings
Provides superior oil resistance and long-lasting flexibility. Avoid hose problems and reduce maintenance. There are no internal joints, so fluids flow smoothly without leaving a residue for sanitary performance. Compliant with the Food Sanitation Act and safe for food production. (Food Sanitation Act: Public Notice No. 201 of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of 2006)

Standards Chart by Size

Product no. Inner dia. × Outer dia. Use pressure (23°C) Use pressure (50°C) Range of temperature Depressurization deformation temperature Standard weight Standard length Minimum bend radius Packaging Color
mm MPa MPa °C (-0.1MPa)°C Kg/Roll m mm
HTF-N38 38.0×50.0 -0.1  to 0.5 -0.05  to 0.25 -5 to 50 75 36.0 50 180 Film packing Neutral transparent with green lines
HTF-N50 50.8×64.5 -0.1  to 0.5 -0.05  to 0.25 75 53.0 50 260

The depressurization deformation temperature is the temperature at which deformation occurs with an internal pressure of 0.1 MPa (-760 mmHg) with the hose in a straight line. (This does not indicate the maximum temperature at which the hose can be used.)
-0.1 MPa is an approximate value. Please read the precautions as these hoses are not appropriate for all uses and conditions.

Genuine Couplings

  Hose size TOYOCONNECTOR TC6-CSN (with clamp) TOYOCONNECTOR TC6-ESN (with clamp) TOYOCONNECTOR TC6-FN (with clamp)
Hose part no. Inner dia. Outer dia. TC6-CSN TC6-ESN TC6-FN
HTF-N38 38.0 50.0 OK OK OK
HTF-N50 50.8 64.5 OK OK OK

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