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TOYOSILICONE THERMO 140 HOSE (Heat-resistant and temperature regulator hoses)

Applications For pressure-feeding and suctioning food
Fluids Oils Chemicals Powder Air Water, Hot water
Material Silicone rubber Reinforcement material Specially-designed heat-resistant fibers
  • RoHS 2 compliant:
  • Easy disposal:
  • Insulating:
  • Low elution:
  • Low odor:
  • Chemical-resistance:
  • Oil-resistance:
  • Transparence:
  • Flexibility:
  • Heat-resistance:
  • Pressure feed:

Temperature range -30°C-140°C
Specifications Standards chart by size Genuine couplings


Do not use for an extended period of time for nonpolar organic solvents (such as benzene, toluene and hexane), halogenated hydrocarbons (such as methylene chloride and trichloroethane), concentrated strong acids, strong bases, mineral oil or steam. Also, do not use for animal or vegetable oil exceeding 70℃ under any circumstances. For steam cleaning, treat for a short time with a saturated steam pressure of less than 0.2 MPa at 120℃.

[Resistant to high heat]Handles hot fluids up to 140℃. With a long use life, reduces production problems due to hose hardening and deterioration caused by heat. Dedicated fastening couplings 3 meters in length are also available for temperature regulators.
[High insulation] Vinyl chloride is used to provide a high level of insulation, appropriate for the semiconductor and electronics industries. 
[Special reinforcement to prevent bursting] No thread unraveling or hose ruptures near the coupling due to the unique reinforced structure for safe, secure use.
[Lightweight for easy work] Lighter than ordinary rubber hoses to make work more efficient.

Note: The TOYOSILICONE THERMO 140 HOSE is compliant with the revised regulations of the RoHS 2.

Note: Use safely with a dedicated coupling to prevent liquid leaks and hose disconnections.
This reduces production problems and maintenance for higher production efficiency.
Superior heat resistance up to 140° C, not as susceptible to hardening as vinyl chloride and rubber hoses for longer use life. Excellent for various heat applications. The dedicated coupling prevents leaks and disconnections for improved production efficiency!

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Standards Chart by Size

Product no. Inner dia. × Outer dia. Use pressure Range of temperature Standard weight Standard length Minimum bend radius Reinforced construction Packaging Color
TSITH140 - 99.5×160 to 1.0 -30 to 140 3.220100 Special weave Spool Gray with orange lines
TSITH140 - 1212.7×19.50 to 0.5 2.110130
TSITH140 - 1515.9×240 to 0.5 3.110150
TSITH140 - 1919 ×280 to 0.5 4.110180
TSITH140 - 2525.4×35.50 to 0.5 5.910220

Threaded Fastening Couplings for the TOYOSILICONE THERMO 140 HOSE

◎ Safely prevents fluid leaks and hose disconnections! Reduced problems for higher production efficiency!

Coupling product no. Hose product no. Screw standards Dimensions
TSITH140 Mode Thread male coupling for hoses TSITH140 Mode Parallel thread female coupling for hoses HO1B-9 TSITH140-9 R3/8 7 26 20 15 17
HO1B-12 TSITH140-12 R1/2 9.5 31 23 20 22
HO1B-19 TSITH140-19 R3/4 15 35 31 20 27
HO1B-25 TSITH140-25 R1 20.5 37 31 22 35
HO4B-9 TSITH140-9 G3/8   22 20   19
HO4B-12 TSITH140-12 G1/2   25 23   24
HO4B-19 TSITH140-19 G3/4   29 31   30
HO4B-25 TSITH140-25 G1   33 31   38

Available materials – coupling nipple: brass, coupling cover: aluminumHO1BTapered male coupling for hoses HP4BParallel thread female coupling for hoses

Because of the presence of threads, this is not appropriate for sanitary uses (such as foods).


Tolerance ranges for hose assembly length according to JISB8360
Assembly length (mm)Tolerance range (mm)
Under 500 +100
500 to less than 1000 +150
1000 to less than 2000 +200
2000 to less than 5000 +1.0%0
5000 or more+2.0%0



Genuine Couplings

(Nut fastening couplings)
Taper male thread for pipes
Hose part no. Inner dia. Outer dia. TC3-SS
TSITH140-9 9.5 16
TSITH140-12 12.7 19.5
TSITH140-15 15.9 24
TSITH140-19 19 28
TSITH140-25 25.4 35.5

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