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Useful New Products Developed in Response to Feedback from the Field

Safe, secure connector: TOYOCONNECTOR TC3-F cap nut ferrule model

Now easier to tell apart 5 types of hoses New products

Now available for sale, the TOYOCONNECTOR TC3-F comes in different colors to help prevent different products from being mixed when the wrong hose is connected

  • · The color coding prevents mixing products, foreign matter from entering and odors from transferring, a great countermeasure for allergens and a way to reduce product loss
  • · Protects against fluid leaks and hose disconnections to reduce problems and maintenance
  • · The shape of the nipple prevents liquid pooling, making it sanitary
  • · So easy to insert, anybody can attach it
  • · The main unit is reusable, reducing waste
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For chemical and food hoses TOYOFUSSO S Hose

For chemical and food hoses TOYOFUSSO S Hose New products

A new model compatible with vacuums is now on sale, an ideal FUSSO hose for chemicals and foods.

  • · Reinforced with a rust-resistant SUS 316 coil to protect against breakage and ensure a stable flow
  • · The coil reinforcement is compatible with pressure feeds and vacuum pressure
  • · Tetrafluororesin (modified ETFE) on the inner surface provides superior chemical and solvent resistance
  • · The integrated layer construction makes the hose more flexible than single-layer fluorine
  • · The inner surface (water-repellent angle: 96°) has superior non-adhesiveness and water resistance for efficient product conveyance and minimal residual product for easy cleaning
  • · Highly transparent for easy confirmation of the product inside
  • · Compliant with the Food Sanitation Act for safe, worry-free operation
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TOYOSILICONE hose and coupling integrated products New products

No nipple.
The heat-resistant silicone hose and ferrule are combined together in one unit.
There is no level difference between the hose and coupling, for sanitary performance without liquid pooling.
Excellent for conveying food and applications where sanitation is a concern.

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TOYOCONNECTOR (Toyox genuine coupling)

TOYOCONNECTOR (Toyox genuine coupling) New products

A coupling for preventing liquid leaks and disconnections!
Frustrating coupling attachment is now a cinch!
No more issues with variation between connections done by different workers!
Toyox makes hose attachment standardized work, easing the load on your engineers!

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Useful Products Developed in Response to Feedback from the Field

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